When you strike out to visit a handful of alpaca farms to gather your information, be sure to take along some Alpaca Etiquette with you.

You’ll be glad you did.

Rocky and Kissie, and all the alpacas really enjoy all the visitors that come to Brookfarm. Our babies especially like to see new faces because everything is exciting to them. Mark and Debbie really enjoy sharing their love of alpacas and seeing your expressions when you get to touch my blanket and see the beautifully soft fleece and touch the lovely soft alpaca yarn.

Sometimes, we alpacas can be a little high strung or jumpy, especially when we are pregnant - which is nearly all the time! After all, our little babies are running around and not paying attention to us and we worry about them and all the wild things that go bump in the night. We have to be on guard all the time, just in case the Maremmas aren’t paying attention (which we know they always are). But you know how new moms can be - “nelly nervous”!

But we do like your visits and want to give you a few tips so that we (you and us alpacas) enjoy your visit.

So.... here is some Alpaca Etiquette to make your visit the best it can be:

  1. Bullet   Don’t come to us, let us come to you. Even though you want to run right over and touch our face, you must hold back. We don’t quite know how to deal with this and are very face shy. We’ll usually escape as quickly as we can when this happens. Besides, whenever Mark and Debbie try to catch us, it’s to trim our toe nails or give us a shot. How do we know that is not what you plan to do! But if you are patient, and act as though we aren’t even there, curiosity will get the better of us (especially our babies) and we may just be in your face before you know it. If you come into our pen and appear distracted from us, sooner or later we will have to investigate you.

  2. Bullet   The Maremmas are darn cute, and THEY WILL come over to the fence, jump up, and lavish all your love -- for a bit anyway. But we just look at the world in a much different way. We won’t come at your beck and call. And kissing noises or clapping hands actually turns us off. The last thing we like is for your to reach at, or touch our face. We are very protective of our face and nose, so please avoid this if you want us to stick around you. Some of us do like to get scratched on the neck or under the chin, but make sure you move slowly, please.

  3. BulletAlso, we love our Maremmas who protect us diligently, but any other dog is a predator to us so Mark and Debbie ask that you not bring any dogs to Brookfarm when you visit.

  4. Bullet   Treats! Did I hear treats!!! If you really want an alpaca friend, ask Mark and Debbie to show you where the treats are for us and we will be your best friend. That can be as simple as a handful of hay or a few pellets. Mind you, we are fed very well, but we’d love for you to give us treats.

  5. Bullet   S  L   O  W   ...... Please move slowly. Mountain Lions are swift and fast, so please don’t tease us with swift movements. It makes us very nervous.

  6. Bullet   Quiet, slow, calm...... this is our daily routine. And anything different causes us alarm. You don’t want us to be alarmed, do you? And we sense when you are uncomfortable . When you are upset or nervous, we'll react in kind. And loud noises usually mean danger to us, so please keep this in mind.

  7. Bullet   So, you’ve survived your first alpaca etiquette lesson. That wasn’t so bad, was it? So don’t delay. Call or email Debbie and Mark today to set up a visit a couple days later. We are anxious for you to visit Brookfarm and learn about how wonderful it is to have us (Alpacas) in your life.

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