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Brookfarm is a
Schacht Spindle Company
Authorized Dealer.
Contact Brookfarm to purchase Schacht spindles, spinning wheels, looms, and more!

Debbie & Mark Emery
Glen Ellen, California
... Fiber, Roving, and Yarn                                                              

(Community Supported Agriculture)

Become An Alpaca Fan and a Brookfarm Alpacas

Fiber and Yarn CSA Shareholder!

(As of August 15, 2016, we are no longer selling alpacas or Fiber CSA;

or breeding and selling Maremma LGDs.)

We are selling fiber!

Raw fleeces available; roving and yarn available Fall 2016.

Brookfarm offers a fiber CSA in the form of purchases of shares of “I’m An Alpaca Fan”, which you can find here on our Farm Store page. CSA, or community supported agriculture, is a way for city folks, or those not living the alpaca or farm lifestyle, to make a difference.

CSA, or community supported agriculture, is a way for city folks, or those not living the alpaca lifestyle, or any other farm lifestyle for that matter, to make a difference. Alpaca Fans -- lovers of alpacas and their luxurious fiber, fiber of the gods... spinners, knitters, crocheters, weavers, felters, fiber artists; whether living in Brookfarm’s backyard or across the country; support local agriculture by purchasing a Brookfarm CSA share.

One (1) Share of Brookfarm Alpacas Fiber and Yarn CSA provides a share of the alpaca fiber clip from the shearing. There are other cool things that come along with this CSA, which you will learn about at our Farm Store page, but more importantly: it is not about discount purchases, or finding a bargain.

It is about helping to support small farmers, seeing where the fiber comes from and how it is processed. It is about helping small farms, like Brookfarm, to continue to farm and provide their stock with loving care and quality feed, about being a part of the community and caring about what you wear and where it comes from. After all, we fiber artists don’t make socks because they are less expensive to knit. We all know we can buy socks for far less than our hand produced versions. We do it for the love of the process, the feel of the fiber, being proud to create....

By becoming An Alpaca Fan, you help to support the small-farm experience, and to be a part of it; all without shoveling the poop and heading out to the barn on a freezing morning, unless of course you really want to come out and do this. Then of course we welcome you!

What is a CSA, you may ask?  Just click on this link to learn.

Brookfarm produces the finest in alpaca fiber, roving, and yarn; natural colors (black, white, shades of brown, silver grey and rose grey), no dyes, no chemicals, always in a smoke-free environment. Occasionally we produce some hand-dyed yarns too.

Our alpacas are lovingly cared for. They graze the beautiful wine-country pastures of Glen Ellen, California year-round, and are supplemented with additional hay and feed as needed. Crias, baby alpacas, arrive throughout the year.

Shares are limited at this time!

Please check this link for availability.


To our following Brookfarm Fiber or Yarn CSA Members:

  1. Alexandra Fickenscher, Ilene Nelson, Terry Epstein, Jennifer Williams, Kathryn Brookhart, Rebecca Bangs, Elizabeth Evans, Becky Wilhelmsen, Eddy Lee, Mary Staats, Barbara O’Connor, Julie Conger, Ana Ulin, Cynthia Gonsalves, and Linda Long.

We sincerely appreciate your support of Brookfarm ~ Alpacas & Maremmas in the Valley of the Moon. It is because of your support that we are able to provide you with a quality product!

   Alpaca product models (L-R): Chris, Sarah, Debbie, Mark, Alura & Stephan

Our 4-legged friends, Lance and Rhody

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Brookfarm CSA